Sunday, December 15, 2013

NCAA 14 by EA Spors...freezing issues with Ultimate Team games

Does anybody know why EA Sports can't fix the glitch with the ultimate team game?  I truly enjoyed playing ultimate team and was completely hooked...I bought packs and spent a bit of money...then the game just started saying loading when I would do a solo challenge.  Does anybody know how to fix this?  I know EA has probably dissolved the division...but it would be nice for them to fix this issue for those of us who were deticated to the franchise!

Coaching Change

Army has removed their head coach for losing to Navy over and over.  Mack Brown has been removed from Texas cause of his inability to have solid quarterback play.  The University of Virginia has retained Mike London who suffers from both quarterback and lopsided rivalry issues yet he remains the highest head coach in the ACC.  Is anybody in the Athletic Department awake or paying attention?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pathetic Football

Virginia football is pathetic.  I can't believe how this program that I've invested in both financially and emotionally has tanked.  It's a damn shame!

Sports Card sale this Saturday

I'm having a sports card yard sale this saturday.  Leave me an email in the comment section or email me at if you have questions.  There will be plenty of great deals and I look forward to seeing you!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The HOOS 19...BYU 16

It's been too long and I do apologize.  Things have been hectic lately but I'm back.  Same could be said for the University of Virginia's football team.  The Special Teams and Defense came up huge at a soggy Scott Stadium to edge the Cougars by 3.  The pressure promised from new defensive coordinator     Jon Tenuta was delivered in waves...or was that the drainage running down the stadium steps...

While the offense struggled throughout the day, the other phases shined.  The defense held BYU's hurry up attack to a measly 3.5 ypp and a paltry 3.9 ypc.  The kicking game was solid including multiple punts inside the 10 and a 53 yard field goal.  For once in the past several years the special teams was close to special.

There were negatives from this game, two costly turnovers that resulted in points as well as several drops and missed blocking assignments.  I'm sure the coaches are already breaking down film of the areas in question.  For a first game against a quality opponent though, I'll gladly take this weather-delayed win.  Most important of all, Sydney experienced the first of many Saturdays in section 111 and he made his Daddy proud with how quickly he picked up the fight song!  Go Hoos...bring on the Ducks!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Congratulations to the Miami Heat

King James and the Miami Heat won their second consecutive NBA Championship this week.  It was a hard fought series with the very battle tested San Antonio Spurs.  I enjoyed each and every game and really appreciated how well both teams competed.  I'm not sure if Miami can win three in a row but I am sure that King James has proven the doubters and haters wrong.  He is the best basketball player in the world and if you still don't see that then you're not paying attention and you have no idea how to watch and dissect an NBA game.  He is the best all around player...end of the tape!